SafetyStratus Feature Spotlight: Inspection Review

SafetyStratus Feature Spotlight: Inspection Review

By default, most cloud-based safety inspections are finalized by the acting inspector. Upon completion, any corrective actions and notifications are immediately assigned and distributed. However, in some scenarios, it is necessary for the completed inspection to be reviewed by other team members before it can be finalized. The old, “informal” way of completing this task saw the inspector performing the inspection, saving it, and then notifying the reviewer or administrator that it was ready for them to reopen, review, and finalize. SafetyStratus has developed a streamlined solution to make the entire review process more efficient and powerful.  The Inspection Review feature, available with the Inspections Module, is fully configurable and provides the ability to formally review any inspection.

Why Might Inspection Review Be Necessary?

Implementing an inspection review process may be necessary in several situations. Institutional policies may dictate supervisory review of certain audits. This could be done so that supervisors remain involved in inspection activities, to maintain compliance requirements, to maintain awareness of findings, or to oversee new employees. Companies will at times hire third-party contractors who have authorization to use the platform for conducting inspections. This feature allows company representatives or administrators to review the audits performed by contactors before finalization. Whatever the situation, the Inspection Review feature enables an extra layer of supervisory control to system administrators.

How Does SafetyStratus Inspection Review Work?

The SafetyStratus Inspection Review feature is configured on a template-by-template (checklist) basis. For any given inspection type, users can turn on Inspection Review with a mouse click.  Once activated, designating the users who will review that inspection type is the next simple step. These users can be anyone currently within the system.

After configuration, the inspector(s) can perform inspection duties as usual. Upon completion, instead of receiving a confirmation of finalization and corrective actions being assigned, the inspector will see a reminder that this inspection type requires review, and that the reviewer(s) will be notified. This notification is emailed to the reviewers with a link to directly access the completed inspection. On the “Continue Inspections” page there will be a clickable “Review” tab to open previously submitted inspections.

An inspection under review looks very similar to one that has been saved and reopened. The difference is in the options that allow the reviewer to

  • view and edit all content (responses, notes, images) entered and saved by the inspector.
  • enter individual comments for inspection questions (e.g., change requests) that are viewable only to reviewers and the original inspector.

If the reviewer approves the entire inspection, or has made the necessary changes, they can then finalize the inspection. Any corrective actions will be assigned, and email notifications will be dispatched automatically. Alternatively, should the reviewer require the inspector to make changes, they can send the inspection back for those edits to be made. In this scenario, the inspector would receive an email notification that the review has been finalized, but the inspection has not. The inspector would then log in, make the changes, and resubmit the inspection for review. This process is repeatable as many times as is required for the reviewer to be satisfied with the inspection. Only the reviewer(s) can finalize an inspection type that has the Inspection Review feature engaged. In the case of multiple reviewers, any of the designated reviewers may finalize the audit at any time.

The advantages to using the Inspection Review feature are straightforward, giving system administrators or supervisors more control for any specific inspection type in their program.  Inspection Review is a feature-filled solution that aids communication, enabling automated email notifications, review comments, and more. This is just another facet of the SafetyStratus Inspections Module that gives the user community flexibility and power to take their safety programs to the next level.


Joe comes to the SafetyStratus team with over 15 years of experience in the biological sciences and laboratory management and safety. At the University of Connecticut, and later at the University of the Sciences, Joe managed multiple high-volume biology teaching laboratories. He also worked as an Aquatic Biologist for the Philadelphia Water Department’s Office of Watersheds. Most recently Joe held the position of Laboratory Safety Manager in the University of the Sciences’ Environmental Health & Safety Department, overseeing all aspects of safety inspections and compliance in over 150 campus teaching and research spaces.

Originally from Connecticut, Joe has lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for the last 10 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Biology from the University of Maine at Fort Kent. In his free time, Joe enjoys working out, taking in a good football game or movie, and traveling with his wife to sunny Caribbean destinations whenever possible.

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