Regulatory Auditing Module

Proactively evaluate risk utilizing a comprehensive and highly configurable tool.

Features & Capabilities

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Compliance Integration

Regulatory audit checklists can be easily created or integrated with third-party providers such as STP ComplianceEHS AuditHub.


Customized Compliance

Customizable checklists for audits ensure your compliance journey meets your specific needs. Includes logic-driven question arrays, allowing auditors to only answer questions if they are applicable.

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Environmentally Friendly

Manage your paperless audits electronically from anywhere. Fewer documents to manage and review results in more time to spend conducting important tasks.

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Flexible Workflow

Administrators can reassign or extend action due dates, if necessary.

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Scheduled Assignments

Audits can be easily scheduled, with fully configurable cycles.


Track to Closure

Easily conduct audits and accurately assign corrective actions to responsible parties.

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Mobile Application

Utilize the user-friendly SafetyStratus iOS App on iPhone or iPad while in the field.

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Offline Mode

Audits may be conducted in either online or offline mode.

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Real-time Tracking

Track corrective actions in real-time to ensure that regulatory compliance requirements are being met.


Data Analytics

Leverage robust reporting tools to analyze your audit data and ensure your organization is constantly audit ready.

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Export Features

Effortlessly export any audit report as a PDF file.

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Automated Process

Generate automatic emails notifying users of completed audits and assigned actions.

Regulatory Auditing Module

Smart, Simple, and Effective

The SafetyStratus Regulatory Auditing Module offers a comprehensive and highly configurable tool that can address all your auditing needs.  Our advanced audit management software can help streamline EHS compliance by providing a centralized platform for managing all aspects of the audit process. Here are some key ways in which the software can help:

  • Simplify audit planning: Our software allows users to easily create audit checklists, assign auditors, and schedule audits. This helps ensure that audits are conducted consistently and efficiently, with minimal manual effort.
  • Streamline audit execution: Our software provides a mobile-friendly platform for conducting audits on-site. Auditors can complete checklists, take photos, and capture signatures in real-time, without needing to use paper-based forms or manual data entry.
  • Automate non-conformance management: Our software can automatically flag non-conformances as they are identified during an audit and assign corrective actions to responsible parties. It also provides a dashboard for tracking the status of corrective actions and ensuring that they are completed in a timely manner.
  • Generate custom reports: Our software provides a range of built-in reports, including audit reports, non-conformance reports, and trend analysis reports. It also allows users to create custom reports and dashboards based on their specific needs, enabling them to quickly identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.
  • Ensure compliance: Our software can help ensure compliance with EHS regulations and standards by providing automated notifications of upcoming compliance deadlines, tracking compliance status, and providing guidance on corrective actions.

Overall, our advanced audit management software can help organizations streamline their EHS compliance efforts, reduce risk, and improve their overall EHS performance.

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