On Campus Or On Site, SafetyStratus is Your Complete, Cloud-Based Safety Solution

SafetyStratus provides an online, integrated platform to protect your team, reduce risk, and stay compliant

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Protect Your Team

SafetyStratus helps you do inspections, manage sites, report incidents, and track corrective actions, so you can reduce risk. Whether it’s a campus, plant, hospital, or job site – you’re covered.

Stay Compliant

With SafetyStratus, you can be confident in your compliance and assured by your quality. From OSHA to EPA, breathe easy knowing you’re survey ready all day, every day.

Save On Insurance

Cover more ground to boost quality checks and prevent incidents – SafetyStratus’ robust reports prove your safety program is on point, which can go a long way to save you insurance dollars.

“There is zero dependence on IT to make changes in the questions that are asked and the way they are presented”

“LabCliQ is a terrific product! Having the SafetyStratus team for support is like sitting next to a room full of people available to work on issues should there ever be a need. Their product updates are real-time and the customization offering is over the top!”

“The LabCliq program has helped tremendously to simplify and streamline my laboratory inspection program. The reports are now uniform and professional and the site is easy to use.”

“Working with SafetyStraus has been a truly collaborative effort that has provided Harvard University the opportunity to develop an Inspection System that meets all our partner’s needs. The technical expertise, commitment to high standards and an overall understanding of the University culture is why we selected SafetyStratus. We look forward to continuing our excellent business relationship to provide a University Wide mobile inspection system for Harvard University.”

Caroline Boisclair
CNSE Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology

Suzanne Lidtke
Director of Member Services

Jennifer Wuotinen
Kingsborough Community College

Will Tonery
Harvard Campus Services

SafetyStratus at a Glance

Make It Yours

Customize workflow
Manage user access
Choose or create your checklists

Embrace SaaS

No hardware required
No software installation
No IT support necessary

Go Mobile

Use your iPhone or tablet
Inspect just about anywhere
Work around weak internet

Work Smarter

Use robust reporting
Decrease time by up to 80%
Track and close corrective actions

Do More

Conduct inspections
Manage areas
Report incidents
Observe behavior
Track assets
House data

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