From Fire Extinguishers
To Forklifts

Now you can include physical assets (such as lab equipment, AEDs, fume hoods, lasers, or machinery) in your safety program. Do more than just inspect spaces – be sure all your stuff is set too with complete asset management.

Do more than just inspect spaces – be sure all your stuff is up to snuff too with asset management.
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Equipment Tracker

Do you know which equipment needs to be checked? No worries – we can keep tabs on that for you.


Automated Corrective Actions

Safety issue with your equipment? We can streamline getting those corrective actions closed quickly.


Barcode Scanner

Scan equipment barcodes to pull their details into your inspection. One less thing to remember.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Handle asset management with your iPhone or tablet, so you can check your site on the go and correct issues on the spot.

No Internet

Offline Capability

Weak internet? Limited cell service? No problem.


Standards Reference

Link to specific standards and other resources directly from your inspection prompts. Having a reference handy makes all the difference for your investigators.


Stay Compliant

You have to keep up with plenty of third-party regulators, and we’ve got you covered with compliance checklists covering OSHA, EPA, CLIA, DOT, NRC, state-specific regulations, and many more…

Keep It Together

Keep It Together

Trying to manage the who, what and were of all your sites is a tall order. We bring all your key asset management elements together in one central location.


Experience Intuition

Enjoy an easy, efficient user interface that is in tune with how you work. We heard you, and we built our asset management solution to work like you do.


Use Our Resources

We’ve been around the block and collected an extensive resource library along the way. Use our out of the box asset management audits or build your own in minutes. Up to you!