Radiation Safety Module

Provide cradle-to-grave management abilities for use and disposal of any radioactive materials.

Radiation Safety Module

Features & Capabilities

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Data Management

Manage licenses and issue permits, renewals & amendments for authorized users.

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Supply Chain Management

Accept & manage radioactive product orders placed by authorized users.

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Purchasing Management

Manage the receipt and delivery of orders, capturing key contamination wipe test data.

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Inventory Management

Seamlessly add new radioactive material into your institution’s inventory.

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Waste Management

Receive radioactive waste pickup/disposal requests placed by authorized users.

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Disposal Tracking

Allow authorized users to track the use and disposal of radioactive materials.

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Material Inventory

Monitor & manage radioactive material inventories across your institution.

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Integrated Calculations

Isotope activities of inventoried materials are calculated and updated in real-time.

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Asset Management

Inspect & manage radiation-producing assets, such as X-rays, MRIs, and LASERs.

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Training Tracking

Track the training records of all personnel involved in radiation-related activities.

Radiation Safety Module

Cradle-to-grave management capabilities for use and disposal of any radioactive materials.

The SafetyStratus Radiation Safety Module provides administrators with true cradle-to-grave management abilities for disposal of any hazardous materials and equipment. This comprehensive tool covers all key areas associated with hazardous waste, including licenses, permits, orders, inventory, waste, assets, and training.

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