Chemical Management System (CMS)

Control chemical lifecycle data, incorporating external APIs and advanced tracking technology.

Features & Capabilities


Procurement Integration

Eliminate data redundancies with a bi-directional procurement system integration.


Hazard Screening

Automate your hazard screening process before users purchase new chemicals.

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Assign subject matter experts to review and approve chemical purchase requests.


Chemical Testing

Record quality and safety testing and schedule automatic notifications and reminders.


Maximum Allowable Quantities MAQs

Monitor maximum allowable quantities (MAQ) across all your control areas.


Inventory Reconciliation

Perform updates and automatically assess inventory accuracy.


Saved Searches

Save and re-apply search filter combinations for repeat use.


Waste Management API

Establish bi-directional integration with third-party waste management systems.

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Advanced Reporting

Many federal, state, and local regulatory reports and screening tools.


Mobile App

Easy-to-use, native app designed for iOS and Android devices.


Inventory Tags

Utilize an array of barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and other inventory tags for accurate container-level tracking.

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RFID Scanning

Track the location of every container within your facility with RFID scanning technology.

Chemical Inventory Module

Control chemical lifecycle data, incorporating external APIs and advanced tracking technology.

The SafetyStratus Chemical Management System (CMS) is a complete, end-to-end, lifecycle solution for chemical management. The CMS handles all key areas of chemical management and control, from initial procurement through receipt, use, and disposal. Container-level tracking is made easy through barcoding and RFID support. Robust data analysis and reporting, backed by a comprehensive library of chemical product data, provides excellent value for safety professionals and end users alike.

To maintain your in-house chemical inventory without the addition of external procurement integrations, consider the Chemical Inventory Module.

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