Permit Authorizations Module

Streamline the entire review and approval process to effectively manage permit workflows.

Permit Authorizations Module

Features & Capabilities

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Workflow Management

Manage all aspects of permit form submission, review, and approval.

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Consistent Process

Establish a standardized and automated process for permit requests and authorized reviewers.

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Customizable Format

Utilize customizable smart electronic forms for all submissions, including on a mobile platform.

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Real-time Monitoring

Administrators & applicants can track all stages of the review process.

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Two-way Communications

Reviewers and applicants can comment and communicate within submissions.

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Export Options

Print permits for postings and upload completed documents for recordkeeping.

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Digital Recordkeeping

Permit history allows audits of previously submitted forms.

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Data Analytics

Access permit-related reports and analytics to measure, track and assess performance.

Streamline the entire review and approval process to effectively manage permit workflows.

The SafetyStratus Permit Authorizations Module provides organizations with a highly efficient system for managing permit workflows. This tool allows users to streamline the entire review and approval process, while integrating many other critical safety and compliance features and information.

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