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Incidents Management Module

At SafetyStratus, we aim to help you cut through the clutter with confidence and precision. Our resources are aimed at providing you with expert guidance related to useful content to help you manage your own journey into exploring broader EHS topics.

EHS Pulse

Insights to help you better manage your EHS program.

Through sharing, SafetyStratus seeks to build a network of
relationships among industry leaders who share a common vision of what is possible. Through these relationships, we will develop and present new knowledge and ideas that lead to positive change and continued improvements.
EHS Pulse offers original content, unique perspectives, and innovative insights to help you better manage your EHS program.

EHS Spark

Your feedback transformed into product improvements.

A tremendous advantage of an agile software-as-a-service
partner centers around continuous improvement. Here at SafetyStratus, our teams work diligently to improve the platform with every release. EHS Spark publishes SafetyStratus product release notes to let you know that your feedback was heard, and it was used to make meaningful changes.

EHS Mindset

Stories and experiences that focus on creating conversations and sharing resources.

At SafetyStratus, our goal is to provide tools and resources that empower the EHS community to be change agents in their organizations. Our EHS professionals work with your team to effectively implement your product. To further provide a voice for our clients and the EHS community, we have created a new series – EHS Mindset.

EHS Buzz

Join us at our next exciting event!

As part of the larger global EHS community, we aim to engage industry experts with opportunities to share insights and offer feedback that will foster meaningful engagement and promote positive safety efforts. EHS Buzz provides a listing of all SafetyStratus events and news such as speaking opportunities, webinars, conferences, and press releases.