Construction Industry

Build a better tomorrow with superior technological tools.

Features & Capabilities

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Engage Your Workforce

Promote engagement of all workers through an easy-to-use mobile inspection and observation program.

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Manage Incidents

Manage incident reporting, corrective actions and communication of lessons learned.

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Assess Hazards

Perform comprehensive assessments of job hazards and required protective safety equipment.

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Track Training

Track training and certifications of individuals to ensure proactive completion.

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Manage Equipment

Manage all physical assets and equipment associated with your projects.

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Contractor Insights

Management of all subcontractors associated with your projects.

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Data Analytics

Convert data collected into actionable insights that can be shared.

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Cloud-based Platform

A single cloud-based solution to manage your entire EHS management program.

Construction Industry

Build a better tomorrow with superior technological tools.

Construction can be a high risk and dynamic environment. Managing EHS requires a comprehensive cloud-based solution that can easily adapt to the speed of your business. Whether you are overseeing a single project or multiple projects spread out geographically (even across the globe), SafetyStratus delivers tremendous functionality to the field, giving much needed visibility into your overall risk.

Your Complete, Cloud-Based EHS Solution

An online, integrated platform to protect your team, reduce risk, and stay compliant