Training Tracking & Management

Track and manage all training-related activities associated with your organization.

Training Tracking & Management

Features & Capabilities

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Digital Recordkeeping

Maintain a live record of all completed & expired trainings for individuals.

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Training Management

Assign training courses to individuals via the SafetyStratus interface.

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Customizable Platform

Create & manage new training courses within the SafetyStratus system.

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System Compatability

Easily integrate our system with your current learning management system (LMS).

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Seamless Integration

Seamlessly link training requirements to other integrated modules.

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Management Insights

Managers may view the training status of their group members.

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Automated Notifications

Send automatic reminders to users about soon-to-be-expired or overdue trainings or certifications.

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Certificate Creation

Generate training certificates upon completion of courses.

Track and manage all training-related activities

The SafetyStratus Training Tracking & Management Module contains every tool that administrators need to manage and track all training-related activities at their organization. Our Training Module is equipped to cleanly capture and manage a wide array of training data such as safety training, PPE & respirator fit testing, certifications and many more. Effortlessly integrates with any existing learning management system.

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