Life Sciences Industry

Apply a human, caring experience in a digital world. Covering a wide array of life science industries including Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Research and Development.

Features & Capabilities


Engage Your Workforce

Promote engagement of all workers through an easy-to-use mobile audit, inspection, and observation program anytime, anywhere.

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Integrated Platform

Access to a scalable, multi-module platform that integrates all necessary functions of a full EHS management system.

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Assess Hazards

Perform comprehensive assessments of job hazards and required protective safety equipment.

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Compliance Assurance

Create compliance checklists to help carry out and document step-by-step assessments anywhere within your facilities.

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Track Training

Real-time respiratory fit testing and safety training records to ensure staff are qualified, trained, and protected before interacting with patients.

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Inventory Control

Manage biosafety and chemical inventory controls from container-level tracking to SDS integration.


Data Analytics

Convert data collected into actionable insights that can be shared.


Cloud-based Solution

A single, cloud-based solution to manage your entire EHS management program.

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Accelerate Innovation

Adopt cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, offline mobile application, and enterprise, cloud-based EHS access.

Inspections & Observations Module

Apply a human, caring experience in a digital world.

Here are some ways in which EHS software can support the life sciences industry:

  • Inventory management: EHS software can help companies manage their chemical inventories, including tracking the storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals. This can help ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Compliance tracking: EHS software can help track compliance with EHS regulations and standards such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs). This can help ensure that companies avoid costly fines and reputational damage.
  • Training management: EHS software can help manage employee training and certification requirements, ensuring that employees are properly trained on EHS policies and procedures and reducing the risk of incidents and non-compliance. Our integrated system can incorporate records into laboratory assessments and chemical hygiene plans.
  • Sustainability reporting: EHS software can help companies track and report on sustainability metrics (e.g, energy consumption, waste reduction, and water usage), reducing environmental impact and improving stakeholder reputation.

Overall, EHS software can help companies manage their EHS compliance obligations more efficiently and effectively, reducing risk and improving their overall EHS performance.

Your Complete, Cloud-Based EHS Solution

An online, integrated platform to protect your team, reduce risk, and stay compliant