Hazardous Waste Management Module

Provides users with comprehensive waste tracking and inventory capabilities.

Hazardous Waste Management Module

Features & Capabilities

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Inventory Tracking

Accurately track containers across your institution, from work areas to storage sites.

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Digital Workflow

Receive electronic waste pickup requests placed by authorized users.

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Real-time Monitoring

Control your waste inventory, searchable by waste type, container contents, and more.

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Effective Labeling

Use barcodes or RFID tags to track containers in and out of any location.

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Labeling Tools

Authorized users can also submit requests for supplies such as containers & labels.

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System Integration

Complete integration with our Chemical Inventory and Radiation Safety Modules.

Experience comprehensive waste tracking and inventorying capability.

The SafetyStratus Hazardous Waste Management Module provides users with comprehensive waste tracking and inventorying capabilities. From electronic waste pickup requests to storage container content management, this tool checks off all the boxes for any institution’s waste management needs.

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