Chemical Inventory Module

Track chemicals from delivery to disposal easily and effectively.

Chemical Inventory Module

Features & Capabilities

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Trusted Content

Backed by chemical property, hazard & supplier content from ACS experts.

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Digital Tracking

Container-level tracking with optional barcodes, RFID, & other unique identifiers.

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Integrated Documentation

Track container ownership, locations, quantities, expiration dates, and more.

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Cloud-Based Content

View chemical properties & hazard information for thousands of chemicals.

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Easy Entry

Smart entry by looking up manufacturer & product numbers.

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SDS Integration

Quickly establish connections to SDSs from major chemical manufacturers.

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Intuitive Interface

Allow users to add, remove & transfer inventory via an intuitive user interface.

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Streamlined Connections

Utilize tools that allow easy import/export of data between other applications.

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Reporting Options

Run reports to find specific chemicals by hazard class, regulation, and more.

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Regulatory Support

Supports reporting for Homeland Security CFATS and other regulations.

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System Integration

Dynamically integrates with the SafetyStratus Hazard Assessment & PPE Module.

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Automated Notifications

Set up email alerts when key chemicals are added, or threshold quantities are exceeded.

Chemical Inventory Module

Track chemicals from delivery to disposal.

The SafetyStratus Chemical Inventory Module is a full-featured inventory tool that integrates with the rest of the SafetyStratus software suite. The module handles all key areas of chemical inventory and control, from container-level tracking and barcoding to data analysis and reporting, and more. Track chemicals from delivery to disposal easily and effectively. For chemical procurement with configurable screening processes and external APIs, consider our Chemical Management System.

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