Compliance Calendar Module

Manage and track regulatory compliance requirements from assignment to closure.

Chemical Inventory Module

Features & Capabilities

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Improved Visibility

Provide transparency and visibility into organizational compliance.

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Centralized Tracking

Tracks and trends compliance activity in a centralized, web-based repository.

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Standardized Process

Standardize management of compliance activity to gain efficiency and effectiveness.

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System Integration

Link with other SafetyStratus applications for greater effectiveness and performance.

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Automated Notifications

Automate reminders and escalating notifications for pending deadlines.

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Ownership Assignment

Distribute ownership of tasks utilizing existing established hierarchy and database structures.

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Built-in Accountability

Establish accountability at the owner level, allowing EHS staff to monitor the process and not the task.

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Effective Reporting

Enable quick and efficient auditing of compliance utilizing robust reporting tools.

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Data Analytics

Administrators can easily gauge the success of compliance activity with analytical tools.

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Proactive Process

Proactively monitor and intervene to ensure deadlines are not missed.

Manage and track regulatory compliance criteria

The SafetyStratus Compliance Calendar Module allows your organization to manage and track regulatory compliance needs from assignment to closure. Our tool allows administrators to schedule periodic and/or recurring tasks, assign responsibility to owners, provide notifications and programmed escalations, and track status with robust reporting.

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