Academia/Higher Education

Founded at Cornell University, our platform was built by academia, for academia.

Academia/Higher Education

Features & Capabilities

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Engage Your Workforce

Promote engagement of all workers through an easy-to-use mobile audit, inspection, and observation program anytime, anywhere.

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Manage Incidents

Manage incident reporting, corrective actions and communication of lessons learned.

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Assess Hazards

Perform comprehensive assessments of job hazards and required protective safety equipment.

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Track Training

Track training and certifications of individuals to ensure proactive completion.

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Manage Assets

Manage all physical assets and equipment associated with your work.

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Inventory Control

Manage biosafety and chemical inventory controls from container-level tracking to SDS integration.

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Data Analytics

Convert data collected into actionable insights that can be shared.

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Cloud-based Platform

A single cloud-based solution to manage your entire EHS management program.

Inspired by lab safety applications and practices developed at colleges and universities.

Environments in academia can be high risk and diverse. Managing EHS requires a comprehensive cloud-based solution that can easily adapt to the needs of your complex and varying programs. Whether you are overseeing a single lab or campus, or multiple locations spread out geographically, SafetyStratus delivers tremendous functionality to the field, giving much needed visibility into your overall risk.

Your Complete, Cloud-Based EHS Solution

An online, integrated platform to protect your team, reduce risk, and stay compliant