Incident Management Module

Capture data in a robust management process to allow for analysis that can be used to prevent future incidents.

Incidents Management Module

Features & Capabilities

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Easy Entry

Efficiently capture incident data via our user-friendly electronic reporting forms.

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Customizable Forms

Incident forms can be easily configured to meet your safety program’s reporting needs.

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Automated Notifications

Receive instant automatic email alerts when any near-miss or incident has been reported.

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Mobile Applications

Users may submit incident reports via the SafetyStratus iOS & Android mobile apps.

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OSHA Recordkeeping

Effortlessly output your incident data to OSHA 300, 300A, & 301 reporting forms.

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System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with our Inspections Module for accident investigations.

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Data Analytics

Perform powerful analyses of incident data to identify problematic trends.

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Export Options

Data can be quickly exported in Excel or PDF formats for analysis & reporting.

Incidents Management Module

Efficiently manage all aspects of incident management, from submittal to reporting.

The SafetyStratus Incidents Management Module provides administrators with the ability to efficiently manage all aspects of this critical component of safety oversight. Allows users to submit, track, and analyze a variety of incidents, including near misses, vehicle incidents, environmental issues, as well as worker injuries. From reporting incidents and performing accident investigations, to analyzing incident data for future hazard prevention, this powerful tool can help your institution to achieve a truly high standard.

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