Sign & Hazard Posting Module

Easy-to-use tool for automatically generating entrance signage and postings.

Features & Capabilities



Generate the posting with auto-filled information at the click of a button.


Hazard Awareness

Include configurable pictograms to reflect any anticipated hazard.


PPE Requirements

Display PPE required for entry from extensive library of pictograms.


Chemical Inventory

Integrated with the chemical inventory module to automatically display GHS hazard pictograms.


Fire Code MAQs

Scan a QR code to instantly display maximum allowable quantities in real time.


NFPA Diamond

Automatically populate the NFPA diamond from chemical inventory module integration.


Emergency Contacts

Display local emergency contact information and instructions.

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Track posting and expiration dates. Automatically notify occupants when a new posting is due to be generated.

Improve hazard awareness, maintain compliance, and save time managing postings.

The SafetyStratus Sign & Hazard Posting Module provides users with the ability to generate a sign and hazard posting at the click of a button. Through integration with data from other modules, the posting is automatically generated and ready for printing. Additionally, administrators can easily monitor compliance with posting requirements and rely on automated notifications to prompt users when it is time to generate an updated posting.

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