Bulletin Communications

Deliver effective communications to your workforce quickly and easily.

Bulletin Communications

Features & Capabilities

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Selective Distribution

Allow administrators to craft and selectively distribute communications.

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Message Tracking

Tracks and records shared communications in a centralized, web-based repository.

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Content Sorting

Compartmentalize communications by type such as best practice, lesson learned or crisis response.

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Multimedia Options

Send communications using various methods such as email or text.

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Content Choices

Communications can vary from basic text messages to complex files.

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Automate Channels

Organize distribution channels ahead of time to ensure timely delivery.

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Two-Way Communication

Enable two-way communication channels to keep employees engaged.

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Reporting Capabilities

Convert data collected into actionable insights that can be shared.

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Data Analytics

Administrators can easily gauge the success of distributed bulletins with analytical tools.

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Export Options

Effortlessly export any bulletin as a PDF.

Deliver effective communications quickly and easily.

The SafetyStratus Bulletins Module allows your organization to deliver effective communications to your workforce quickly and easily. Using this tool, administrators can efficiently develop and distribute important messages with the knowledge that the messages are being received in real time.

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