Hazard & PPE Assessment Module

Associate controls with hazards in the workplace through a risk-based assessment process.

Hazard & PPE Assessment Module

Features & Capabilities

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Assessment Tools

Perform comprehensive assessments of hazards and the required controls for mitigating risk.

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Signatory Capability

Accept e-signatures from stakeholders, certifying acknowledgement of the assessment.

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Distribution Options

Create awareness of hazards and their respective controls throughout the organization.

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Risk-based Process

Prioritize the hazards to ensure those presenting the greatest risk are addressed first.

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Automated Scheduling

Schedule periodic and recurring hazard and PPE assessments to identify and assess evolving or changing risk patterns.

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Reporting Capabilities

Quickly generate reports to provide a detailed picture of risk profiles within the operation.

Associate controls with hazards using a risk-based assessment process

The SafetyStratus Hazard and PPE Assessment Module gives your organization an easy-to-use risk matrix tool for completing fully configurable hazard and PPE assessments all within a centralized cloud-based repository. The assessment tool is capable of associating controls with hazards in the workplace through a risk-based assessment process through identification, analysis, and evaluation.

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