Electronic Forms Module (e-Forms)

Capture forms data the way you want with a flexible and customizable platform.

Permit Authorizations Module

Features & Capabilities

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Customizable Format

Build & configure forms to meet your program’s exact requirements with virtually limitless applications.

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Consistent Process

Establish a standardized and automated process for form submittals and authorized reviewers.

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Seamless Integration

Link with other SafetyStratus applications and shared databases for greater effectiveness and performance.

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Mobile Applications

Users may submit e-Forms via the SafetyStratus iOS & Android mobile applications.

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Intuitive Interface

Easily capture data via our user-friendly tools and applications.

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Workflow Management

Manage all aspects of electronic form submission, review, and approval.

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Automated Notifications

Automate reminders and escalating notifications for pending deadlines.

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Signatory Capability

Accept e-signatures from stakeholders, certifying acknowledgment or approval of the form.

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Digitized Recordkeeping

Maintain digital records of all forms submitted within SafetyStratus cloud-based servers.

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Printing Options

Print forms from your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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Export Options

Effortlessly export any form as a portable format document.

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Data Analytics

Access form data via reports and analytics to measure, track, and assess performance.

Streamline the entire submittal, review, and approval process to effectively manage electronic forms.

The SafetyStratus Electronic Forms (e-Forms) Module provides organizations with a highly efficient system for managing forms and associated workflows. This tool allows users to streamline the entire completion, automation, review, and approval process, while integrating many other critical safety and compliance features and information.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Here are some common examples: 

  • Permits [Hot Work Permits, Confined Space Permits]
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring [Indoor Air Quality Assessments, Ergonomic Assessments]
  • Construction Forms [Daily Reports, Plan Review, Punchlist, RFI]
  • Environmental Permits & Reporting [SWPPP, Non-compliance Reports]
  • Incident Reporting [Incident Investigations, Near Misses, Root Cause Analysis]
  • Pre-Work [Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Pre-Task Planning]
  • Management of Change (MOC) Reviews
  • Work Planning/Work Orders
  • Sustainability Management
  • COVID Assessments

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