Occupational Health Module

Effectively monitor, track, and analyze your organization’s employee wellbeing programs.

Occupational Health Module

Features & Capabilities

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Limitless Applications

Conduct surveys of any workplace environment using customized checklists.

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Mobile Applications

Utilize the user-friendly SafetyStratus iOS App on iPhone or iPad while in the field.

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Customized Forms

Build & configure survey checklists to meet your program’s exact requirements.

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Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with our Inspections Module for action assignments & tracking.

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Automated Scheduling

Recurring assessments can be easily scheduled, with fully configurable cycles.

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Digitized Recordkeeping

Maintain digital records of all survey data within SafetyStratus cloud-based servers.

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Export Options

Data can be quickly exported in Excel or PDF formats for analysis & reporting.

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Data Analytics

Perform powerful analyses of your data to gauge program success.

Effectively monitor, track, and analyze employee wellbeing programs.

The SafetyStratus Occupational Health Module features every key tool that safety professionals need for monitoring, tracking, and analyzing your institution’s employee well-being programs.  From capturing indoor air quality survey data, to noise exposure and hearing conservation examinations, our comprehensive and fully integrated module will help assure the highest possible level of workplace health.

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