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Incidents Management Module

Platform Thesis

SafetyStratus built each safety solution on a unified cloud-based platform, providing you and your organization the ability to manage all your EHS programs and data analytics in one place. Whether you are doing inspections, reporting incidents, or even managing radioactive waste, we have the tools to keep your whole site covered. Our cloud-based EHS platform is available both as a comprehensive enterprise platform as well as specialized modular solutions that address your specific program requirements.

Modules within our EHS Platform

Biosafety & Protocol Management

The SafetyStratus Biological Safety & Protocol Management Module provides a highly efficient system for managing biosafety-related protocols and committees.
This tool allows administrators and users to streamline the entire review and approval process, while integrating many other critical safety and compliance features and information.
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Bulletin Communications

The SafetyStratus Bulletins Module allows your organization to deliver effective communications to your workforce quickly and easily.
Using this tool, administrators can develop and distribute important messages timely and efficiently with trust that the messages are being received in real time.
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Chemical Inventory & SDS Integrations

The SafetyStratus Chemical Inventory Module is a full-featured inventory tool that integrates with the rest of the SafetyStratus software suite.
The module handles all key areas of chemical inventory and control, from container-level tracking and barcoding to SDS publishing to data analysis and reporting, and much more.
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Compliance Calendar

The SafetyStratus Compliance Calendar Module allows your organization to manage and track regulatory compliance needs from assignment to closure.
Our tool allows administrators to schedule periodic and/or recurring tasks, assign responsibility to owners, provide notifications and programmed escalations, and track status with robust reporting.
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Dashboards & Analytics

The SafetyStratus Dashboards & Analytics suite is an enterprise-wide reporting module that gives all the necessary tools to analyze safety data gathered by the SafetyStratus platform.
Featuring a combination of fully customizable charts, graphics, and statistical performance indicators, clients can use these powerful tools to report on safety program performance, detect potential trends, and prevent future incidents.
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Hazard & PPE Assessments

The SafetyStratus Hazard and PPE Assessment Module gives your organization an easy-to-use risk matrix tool for completing fully configurable hazard and PPE assessments.
The assessment tool is capable of associating controls with hazards in the workplace using a risk-based assessment process that incorporates identification, analysis, and evaluation components.
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Hazardous/Regulated Waste Management

The SafetyStratus Hazardous Waste Management Module provides users with comprehensive waste tracking and inventorying capabilities.
This management tool provides users with comprehensive waste tracking and inventory capabilities.
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Inspections & Observations

The SafetyStratus Inspections Module is a comprehensive and highly configurable tool that can address all your safety inspection and observation needs.
Using this system, users can efficiently conduct inspections, assign and track corrective actions, and use powerful reporting tools to gain valuable insight into your organization’s safety program.
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Laboratory Assessment Tool & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH)

The SafetyStratus LATCH Module gives your principal investigators and lab managers an easy-to-use tool for completing fully configurable hazard and PPE assessments.
From roster management and training tracking, to equipment inventories and SOP file management, our LATCH Module is capable of efficiently handling all the safety assessment needs of your institution.
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Occupational Health Module

The SafetyStratus Occupational Health Module features every key tool necessary for monitoring, tracking, and analyzing your institution’s employee wellbeing programs.
From capturing indoor air quality survey data, to noise exposure and hearing conservation examinations, our comprehensive and fully integrated module will help assure the highest possible level of workplace health.
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Permit Authorizations

The SafetyStratus Permit Authorizations Module provides a highly efficient system for managing permit workflows.
This tool allows users to streamline the entire digital review and approval process, while integrating many other critical safety and compliance features and information.
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Radiation Management

The SafetyStratus Radiation Safety Module provides true cradle-to-grave management abilities for all radioactive materials and equipment.
This comprehensive management tool covers all key areas associated with radiation safety including licenses, permits, orders, inventory, waste, assets, inspections, and training.
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Training & Certification Tracking & Management

The SafetyStratus Training Tracking & Certification Management Module contains every tool needed to manage and track all training and certification related activities.
Our module is equipped to cleanly capture and manage a wide array of training and certification data such as safety training, orientations, PPE & respirator fit testing, certifications and many more. Effortlessly integrates with any existing learning management system.
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