ESG Module

Associate environmental, social, and governance impact statistics with current operations to improve sustainability and meet targets.

Features & Capabilities

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Assessment Tools

Perform comprehensive assessments of ESG-related indicators and the required activities for developing sustainable processes.


Signatory Capability

Accept e-signatures from stakeholders, certifying acknowledgment of the assessment.

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Real-Time Tracking

Automate and track activities in real-time to ensure that compliance requirements are being met.


Data Analytics

Standard and configurable reporting tools help analyze ESG-related data and provide a detailed picture of sustainability within the operation to all stakeholders.


Configurable Data Security

Set user or group-specific roles and configure specific clearances to secure and control data access based on department, team, and/or titles.

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Automated Alerts

Generate and schedule automatic emails for corporate or project-specific activities to encourage follow-up and completion of tasks.

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Flexible Workflow

Administrators can reassign or extend action due dates based on collaboration needs.

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Export Features

Effortlessly export any sustainability metrics as a PDF or CSV file.

SafetyStratus Compliance Calendar

Associate environmental impact statistics with current operations to improve sustainability and meet targets.

The ESG Module gives your organization easy-to-use tools for assessing corporate environmental, social, and governance impact. Automate tracking, verification, and reporting of sustainability activities and metrics with the help of a centralized, cloud-based repository. Streamline company-wide processes and utilize evaluation functions to identify and address ESG-related risks and positively affect your bottom line.

Your Complete, Cloud-Based Safety Solution

An online, integrated platform to protect your team, reduce risk, and stay compliant