Asset Management Module

Manage all physical assets easily and effectively.

Features & Capabilities

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Asset Inventory

Manage a live inventory of all physical assets related to your program.

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Asset Associations

All assets are linked to their primary owner(s), as well as their exact location.

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Detailed Criteria

Critical descriptive data for each asset is easily maintained, such as manufacturer, model, expiration dates, procedures, and any important asset specifications.

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Inspection History

Inspect and maintain inspection histories for any asset via our Inspections Module.

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Scheduled Inspections

Asset inspections are easily scheduled, with fully-configurable inspection cycles.

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Permit Associations

Applicable permits associated with any asset can be seamlessly linked and managed via our Permit Management Module.

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QR Code

Scan an affixed code to quickly view detailed criteria for an asset, including documents and user-defined fields.

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Scan an affixed code using the mobile application to easily launch an inspection specifically assigned to that asset.


Manage assets easily and effectively.

The SafetyStratus Asset Management Module provides the ability to manage all physical assets associated with your organization easily and effectively.  This tool allows users to track, inventory, and inspect a vast array of assets, such as fire prevention assets, spill kits, AEDs, first aid kits, fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, LASER & X-ray equipment, ladders, powered industrial equipment, and much more. Barcodes or QR readers can be used to scan, assess, and inspect at the click of a button. Whether you are managing a fleet of vehicles or a facility full of equipment, this module can keep you organized.

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