Don’t Confuse Compliance with Safety

Don’t Confuse Compliance with Safety

The view of safety as little more than employee obedience to the rules may be old school but it remains foundational in the safety practice. Shortly after the Three Mile Island nuclear incident, E.L. Zebroski, a nuclear safety analyst, performed … Read More

Workplace Safety

In Workplace Safety, How We React Matters

“Don’t shoot the messenger.” This idiom has been in our vernacular for centuries. The meaning of the phrase is simple – don’t blame or punish the bearer of bad news. While the news may elicit an unwanted emotional feeling, an … Read More

Safety Measurement Framework

Building the Safety Measurement Framework

In the previous blog article, Measuring Safety Performance, we discussed Dan Peterson’s take on performance indicators within an organization. Specifically, the assignment of differing indicators based on the role within the company, ensuring both relevancy and fairness. Mr. Peterson stated … Read More

Measuring Safety Performance

Measuring Safety Performance

In the previous blog article, Criteria for Safety & Health Performance Indicators (KPIs), we discussed the concept of Performance Indicators for Safety and Health, as well as how both leading and lagging indicators could be used in the development of … Read More


Serious Considerations When Adopting Safety & Health Technology

In our modern world, technological marvels are being presented at a tremendous pace and confidently confirm innovations CAN be done. When it comes to developing and implementing technology for the health and safety field, the most important question to ask … Read More

A Transformational Journey to Change a Culture

The major focus of any safety professional, department or organization is to protect the safety and health of the employees under their purview. Going home as healthy as they arrived is an ideal vision to adhere to when developing and … Read More