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Safety Inspections & Observations

How To Avoid Pencil Whipped Safety Inspections & Observations

The phrase “pencil whipping” is commonly used in the safety industry to describe the practice of completing inspection forms or checklists without conducting a thorough inspection (e.g., “checking the box”). There are various reasons one might “pencil whip” an audit/inspection, … Read More

safety inspections

Safety Inspections & Observations: A Walkthrough

Safety inspections are critical to ensure that workplaces, buildings, equipment, and other resources are safe for employee use. As the understanding and recognition of hazards and methods for mitigating or preventing them have grown, regulations and standards have been put … Read More

EHS Data Collection

How To Create a Virtuous Cycle of EHS Data Collection

Data collection can play a crucial role in identifying and mitigating environmental, health, and safety (EHS) risks in any organization. Collecting and analyzing data can help businesses to identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. This, in turn, enables … Read More

Safety observers

Improving Safety Observer Performance in 7 Simple Steps

Safety observers play a critical role in ensuring the safety of workers in various industries. They are responsible for identifying hazards, evaluating risks, and recommending measures to prevent accidents and injuries. To improve safety inspector performance, it is essential to … Read More

Predict Safety-Related Events

The Drawbacks of Trying to Predict Safety-Related Events

The ability to predict safety-related events can be a useful tool in the campaign for companies preventing incidents and protecting the safety of their employees and the environment. Receiving a notification prior to a pending event and having the power … Read More

EHS Software

Practical Applicability: 3 Ways EHS Software is Adding Value

Safety is an increasingly important aspect of work, especially when it comes to retaining employees and attracting new talent. However, with a dwindling workforce, how are companies able to keep safety a priority? In recent years, technology has become an … Read More