Risk Assessment

Chemical Procurement Process

Improving the Chemical Procurement Process

To ensure the well-being of employees, protect the environment, and adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, organizations must prioritize the safe handling and management of chemicals. One process that is an essential part of this is the procurement of chemicals. Integrating … Read More

Improving Risk Assessment Practices

Improving Risk Assessment Practices

The COVID adventure we have been living for the past two years demonstrates the challenge of risk assessment in a complex, rapidly changing environment. The risks associated with COVID-19 exposure have evolved with the virus, resulting in significant confusion and … Read More

Chemical Risk Assessments

Why Do We Do Risk Assessments?

Many government regulations for chemical safety identify the need for a risk assessment as part of the decision-making process for managing potential hazards. However, EPA’s hazardous waste determination is the only risk assessment process that is well defined by the … Read More