Incident Management

Incident Management Best Practices

Incident Management and incident investigations are a core function of a safety management system. In this four-part series, several key concepts have been previously discussed. First, the purpose of incident management should be to learn and improve. Second, avoiding blame … Read More

Proactive Incident Management

Proactive Incident Management – Do Not Wait for an Injury to Act!

In the previous Incident Management and Incident Investigations articles, we focused on two primary objectives. The first was the purpose – to learn and improve instead of blaming and punishing. The findings from an event can prove to be valuable … Read More


The Purpose of Incident Management & Incident Investigations

Incident management and incident investigations, while not typically welcome due to their nature of something having gone wrong, are a necessary tool in any EHS professional‘s toolbelt. They have been getting a bad reputation lately and pushed to ‘lagging indicator’ … Read More

Data Action Plan

Creating a Data Action Plan to Turn Data Insights into Action

I previously assumed that data always led to insight, but I now firmly believe that is not the case. Regardless of our role in an organization, we tend to have a bias that if we look hard enough, good things … Read More

The Drawbacks of Safety Leading Indicators

The Drawbacks of Safety Leading Indicators

It is important for organizations to begin looking further “upstream” in their safety processes when determining how effective their overall safety program is. Some have coined this proactive method of insight as a “pre-injury investigation” (Conklin, 2012). For example, consider … Read More

Safety Observation Findings

Assigning Severity Ratings to Safety Observation Findings

When conducting traditional risk assessments, severity is commonly used as a factor when determining the level of risk involved. Severity represents the most likely consequence of a particular hazard occurrence. In other words, if a hazard exists and is not mitigated, … Read More

Return on Investment for Digital EHS Technology

Return on Investment for Digital EHS Technology

Companies are in the business of making money. Everything else, even if beneficial or complimentary, is secondary to the primary focus of staying in business. As a result, it often seems as though there are competing priorities to production and … Read More

Safety Observation Program

Safety Observation Program Defined

In a previous article, Purpose of Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations, it was discussed that safety observations play a critical role in an overall safety management system. Further, the primary objectives of a safety observation program, ideally, are to … Read More

Employee Engagement Utilizing the Safety Observation Program

Employee Engagement Utilizing the Safety Observation Program

Why have employees engage in safety? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research has shown that increased work-related engagement results in improved employee and customer satisfaction, safety, and overall performance and profits1. Each of the predominant … Read More

Safety Observation Training Program

Safety Observation Training Program

In a previous article, A Guide for Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations, the framework to support a robust safety observation program was discussed. Specifically, the fundamental components of a comprehensive framework for an inspection and observation program were highlighted. … Read More