SafetyStratus Research Advisory Group

Business Risks of Rising Sea Levels

The Business Risks of Rising Sea Levels

Sea level rise poses a threat to civilization that can no longer be ignored. Businesses, however big or small, are at risk because of this phenomenon. Our previous article delved into sea level rise and how entire regions sink. We … Read More

EH&S Practices

How Software is Improving EH&S Practices

Software is changing the way EH&S is conducted, improving ease of compliance, and making it more data-driven and user-friendly. Creating and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment is an essential part of doing business. Thanks to more powerful software … Read More

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety May be the Key to a Better Workplace

Traditionally, much of the focus of EHS has been on physical wellbeing and health. These days, studies are showing psychological safety can have a significant impact on the culture in a work environment. When employees show up to work there … Read More

Incident Management Software

What Is the Purpose of Incident Management in Businesses?

System failures, utility shutdowns, equipment malfunctions, human errors—all of these can disrupt an organization’s operations. Accidents can happen, but a company’s established preparedness processes will contribute to any unforeseen event’s overall impact. Have there been efforts to mitigate the potential … Read More

Safety Training

Safety Training – Is Everyone Receiving the Training They Need?

A robust safety training program is a critical part of every successful company’s safety plan. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that employers provide training to workers who face hazards while at work. Safety training makes workers aware … Read More

Zero Waste

How Going Zero Waste Makes Business Sense

Aiming for zero waste may seem daunting to businesses, regardless of size. The required level of know-how could necessitate hiring outside consultants. Concerning profit optimization, the time and money required to build systems that yield no residual by-products may appear … Read More