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Addressing Ergonomic Concerns in the Office

The idea of a hazardous workplace usually conjures up the image of a busy construction site with fall hazards, excavations, and equipment, or a manufacturing plant with lots of moving parts and loud machinery. However, even offices can be hazardous … Read More

Hazardous/Regulated Waste Management

How Technology Has Improved Hazardous/Regulated Waste Management

Every day, a large amount of waste is generated by the manufacturing, healthcare, and construction industries. Much of this waste is hazardous and needs to be disposed of correctly to avoid harming people and the environment. To ensure proper “cradle … Read More

Zero Waste Program

How to Start a Zero Waste Program: A 3-Step Guide

We have previously explored the business case for zero waste—how investments in zero-waste programs enhance a business’ reputation and boost long-term profits. Once the motivation is there, how do we get such programs up and running? This article outlines the … Read More

Environmental Awareness

3-Step Guide to Raising Environmental Awareness

Even after centuries of testing countless hypotheses and formulating new theories, we are still far from making scientific research the world’s default approach when confronting environmental issues. As burgeoning environmentalists, we need to ask ourselves these relevant questions: A “yes” … Read More

In the construction industry, using EHS management software can improve health and safety while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

How can technology help construction companies with their EHS management system?

Construction is the leading industry with regards to its impact on nature and the environment. Over the past two decades, the construction industry itself has undergone many developments.1 The projects, materials used, machinery and tools, as well as the manner … Read More

Environmental Compliance Audits conducted

How are Environmental Compliance Audits conducted?

An environmental compliance audit is an independent evaluation of a company’s environmental legal requirements and an assessment of how the company complies with those requirements. This tool allows companies to evaluate and quantify their environmental performance and to pinpoint problems … Read More