Hazardous Waste Management

GIS Technology

GIS Technology: Improving Waste Management

Waste management is a vital problem that has seen a surge in recent years amidst the industrial revolution, continual population growth, greater consumerism, and expanding urban-rural development. Social interventions and government protocols have been introduced to alleviate the problem, increasing … Read More

Hazardous/Regulated Waste Management

How Technology Has Improved Hazardous/Regulated Waste Management

Every day, a large amount of waste is generated by the manufacturing, healthcare, and construction industries. Much of this waste is hazardous and needs to be disposed of correctly to avoid harming people and the environment. To ensure proper “cradle … Read More

Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous Materials Management: A Multi-Faceted Digital Approach

The management of hazardous materials at any institution is one of the most universal challenges that EHS personnel face every day.  Even with all the appropriate training, workers can at times become complacent regarding the proper handling, storage and disposal … Read More