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GIS Technology: Improving Waste Management

Waste management is a vital problem that has seen a surge in recent years amidst the industrial revolution, continual population growth, greater consumerism, and expanding urban-rural development. Social interventions and government protocols have been introduced to alleviate the problem, increasing … Read More


The Applications Of GIS In Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is a multidisciplinary field that combines physical, environmental, and social methodologies to pinpoint impacts to public health and wellbeing. As we touched on in a previous blog, one of the relevant tools and technologies that … Read More

GIS | Business Intelligence

What is GIS and how does it apply to business intelligence?

What is GIS? Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a framework that enables spatial data to be created, edited, managed, processed, and stored. Spatial data refers to the location dimension of data and includes attribute information (the “about” information). The designation … Read More