workplace safety

Workplace Safety

3 Ways that Communication Enhances Workplace Safety

Rapidly changing work conditions challenge businesses’ ability to keep the workplace as safe as possible. Prominent among these changes are the surging numbers of new technologies and processes, external stresses from the pandemic, and the heightened focus on holistic worker … Read More

Workplace Inspections

8 Tips for Successful Workplace Inspections

An effective way to identify workplace hazards is to conduct periodic workplace inspections. Companies that find and address unsafe conditions through regular safety inspections/audits can reduce the chances of accidents and injuries. This, in turn, will reduce medical and insurance … Read More

Safety Training

Safety Training – Is Everyone Receiving the Training They Need?

A robust safety training program is a critical part of every successful company’s safety plan. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that employers provide training to workers who face hazards while at work. Safety training makes workers aware … Read More

GIS | Business Intelligence

What is GIS and how does it apply to business intelligence?

What is GIS? Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a framework that enables spatial data to be created, edited, managed, processed, and stored. Spatial data refers to the location dimension of data and includes attribute information (the “about” information). The designation … Read More