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Dashboards and Analytics

How to Use Dashboards and Analytics to Streamline Business Safety

In the age of Industry 4.0, organizations generate and store an enormous amount of data. Some of this data is used for improving EH&S programs, as well as preventing future workplace safety issues. To efficiently analyze all the safety data … Read More

Safety Management

Is Safety Management Too Expensive?

Many well-intended companies are drowning in a sea of rules, cardinal rules, complicated procedures, and high dollar “quick fixes.” The result is often a prohibitively expensive and overly complex workplace, where getting anything done “by the book” (including safety management) … Read More

Safety Training

Safety Training – Is Everyone Receiving the Training They Need?

A robust safety training program is a critical part of every successful company’s safety plan. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that employers provide training to workers who face hazards while at work. Safety training makes workers aware … Read More

Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations Using Cloud-Based EH&S Software

Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations Using Cloud-Based EH&S Software

The response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve across the country and the world. The latest measure includes vaccination mandates for a vast array of organizations, including staff of governmental departments, large employers, and healthcare institutions. In the … Read More