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Psychological Safety

Why All the Fuss About “Psychological Safety?”

Back in the 80s, before I had even heard of the term psychological safety, I was the Safety Director for a nuclear plant that was weeks away from startup. As we prepared the plant to operate, several whistleblowers came forward … Read More

Safety professionals and management

Relationships Are Not Built Behind a Desk

“If you don’t believe in the messenger, you won’t believe the message.” –Kouzes & Posner Much of my career and my writings have focused on building trust and productive partnerships between organizations’ workforce and leadership through personal and adult-to-adult interactions. … Read More

Safety Management Systems: Nine Signs of Trouble

Safety Management Systems: Nine Signs of Trouble

Complacency kills.  The history of tragic accidents in workplaces is fraught with examples of companies that thought they were safe because their Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) was low and/or because they were devoting considerable time and money to various … Read More

Safety Committees

Getting the Most Out of Your Safety Committees

Safety committees are a longstanding part of the safety tradition, but do they really add value? Though not officially required by OSHA, safety committees are a prerequisite to participating in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program and are mandatory in several states … Read More

Safety Bridges vs. Safety Silos

Creating Safety Bridges vs. Safety Silos – An EHS Opportunity to Improve

All company staff and support functions (e.g., HR, Quality, Procurement, IT, etc.) are subject to silo building.  But silos are inefficient and can cause extra expenses while isolating company functions into unintegrated sects that act in their own interest more … Read More