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Workplace Safety Program

Establishing Responsible Medical Drug Use Within a Workplace Safety Program

One of the biggest challenges that today’s employers face is maintaining safe workplace laws as medical drug use continues to increase. In fact, 66% of all Americans are actively taking some type of prescription drug – which amounts to a … Read More

sustainable organizations

Building and Managing Sustainable Organizations

In the last decade, sustainability has become a strategic and operational imperative for business viability and survival. Sustainable practices are no longer considered a “good-to-have” feature of business operations. Rather, transformation into a sustainable organization is becoming essential for business … Read More

SafetyStratus Feature Spotlight: Inspection Review

SafetyStratus Feature Spotlight: Inspection Review

By default, most cloud-based safety inspections are finalized by the acting inspector. Upon completion, any corrective actions and notifications are immediately assigned and distributed. However, in some scenarios, it is necessary for the completed inspection to be reviewed by other … Read More

Safety Observations: The Value of Safe + Unsafe

The Value of Including Safe Observations

The safety profession has an unhealthy fixation on measurements based purely on negative values. OSHA recordable and lost time injuries are the first such statistics that spring to mind (both lagging and—I would suggest—negative indicators). Once they occur, they cannot … Read More

Safety professionals and management

Relationships Are Not Built Behind a Desk

“If you don’t believe in the messenger, you won’t believe the message.” –Kouzes & Posner Much of my career and my writings have focused on building trust and productive partnerships between organizations’ workforce and leadership through personal and adult-to-adult interactions. … Read More

The Value of Mobile Tools in EH&S Software

The Value of Mobile Tools in EH&S Software

In the last decade, the world has embraced and integrated mobile technology in just about every conceivable capacity. Nearly everyone now carries powerful internet-enabled smartphones in their pockets wherever they go. From scanning a QR code to view the menu … Read More