EH&S managers

EH&S Manager

The Top 5 Environmental Management Skills Every EH&S Manager Needs to Be Successful

Environmental health and safety (EH&S) management has become increasingly important in companies – from preventing workplace injuries to ensuring a well-lit working environment. Unfortunately, many times the “E” for “environmental” is seen as less important in the modern workplace, or … Read More

Dashboards and Analytics

How to Use Dashboards and Analytics to Streamline Business Safety

In the age of Industry 4.0, organizations generate and store an enormous amount of data. Some of this data is used for improving EH&S programs, as well as preventing future workplace safety issues. To efficiently analyze all the safety data … Read More

Regulated Waste Management

How Technology Improves Hazardous/Regulated Waste Management

Many industries and businesses struggle with waste management. Also known as waste disposal, waste management covers every stage of the disposal process—from waste generation, collection, and transportation to proper treatment and disposal. Failure to correctly manage waste could result in … Read More