Safety Training Program

Health and Safety Red Flags in Academic Institutions

Many cutting-edge technologies are conceived in academic laboratories where hazardous chemicals and safety risks can be prevalent. As such, health and safety protocols are just as important in educational institutions as they are in industries. Recent accidents within academic institutions … Read More

Safety Training

Safety Training – Is Everyone Receiving the Training They Need?

A robust safety training program is a critical part of every successful company’s safety plan. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that employers provide training to workers who face hazards while at work. Safety training makes workers aware … Read More

Learning Management Program

Top 10 Ways to Optimize a Learning Management Program

The Covid pandemic gave a sudden boost to distance learning as a health and safety tool. This transition brought to light many of the logistical and educational challenges that training program managers have dealt with over the years. This makes … Read More