Safety Inspections

Criteria for Safety & Health Performance Indicators (KPIs)

For years you have heard about leading and lagging indicators for safety and health. In 2016, I published an article for the National Safety Council’s Safety + Health magazine on leading and lagging indicators, as seen here: What are safety … Read More

Are All Accidents Preventable?

Myths are plentiful in the safety profession. So much so that I was able to compile 101 of the most common myths in a book – Safety Myths 101: Musings on Myths, Misunderstandings and More. The article below was the … Read More

Guide for Safety Inspections

A Guide for Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations

As discussed in the previous article, the Purpose of Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations , virtually every workplace conducts some form of periodic worksite safety inspections. This process is a typical component of a comprehensive health and safety plan. … Read More