Safety Inspection and Observation

Safety Inspection Strategy Guide

A Focused Safety Inspection Strategy Guide

Safety inspections should not be done simply for the sake of checking a box. A proper strategy needs to be employed, ensuring observers are engaged in the most meaningful and sustainable way. Currently, there is little clear direction on what … Read More

Are All Accidents Preventable?

Are All Accidents Preventable?

Myths are plentiful in the safety profession. So much so that I was able to compile 101 of the most common myths in a book – Safety Myths 101: Musings on Myths, Misunderstandings and More. The article below was the … Read More

Safety Inspection

Purpose of Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations

Virtually every workplace conducts some form of periodic work site safety inspections. This process is a typical component of a comprehensive health and safety plan. But why are they done? Therein lies the interesting question. “We have to.” Safety is … Read More