Safety professional

Mentorship and Technology

Rebuilding with Less: Mentorship and Technology

EHS professionals have their hands full like never before with labor shortages. No matter the industry, companies are experiencing high turnover and difficulty retaining skilled employees. An article on the key elements behind high employee retention rates cited confidence in … Read More

Incident Investigations

Don’t Get Stuck in Hindsight Bias – Best Practices in Incident Investigations

“How could they have been so stupid?” “Why didn’t they show more common sense?” “They should have seen it coming.” “The cause was clearly human error.” “Why didn’t they just follow the procedures?” “This accident was clearly preventable.” Do these … Read More

Are All Accidents Preventable?

Are All Accidents Preventable?

Myths are plentiful in the safety profession. So much so that I was able to compile 101 of the most common myths in a book – Safety Myths 101: Musings on Myths, Misunderstandings and More. The article below was the … Read More