Safety Observation Program

Safety Observation Training

Safety Observation Training – The Feedback Conversation

When a safety system is built around simply observing and recording results, it can create a culture where workers experience inspectors as ‘unwelcome outsiders’ rather than ‘trusted partners.’  In a previous article, Safety Observation Program Defined, certain observation approaches that … Read More


The Purpose of Incident Management & Incident Investigations

Incident management and incident investigations, while not typically welcome due to their nature of something having gone wrong, are a necessary tool in any EHS professional‘s toolbelt. They have been getting a bad reputation lately and pushed to ‘lagging indicator’ … Read More

Safety Observation Strategy

Safety Observation Strategy Guide

In my past blog, “A Guide for Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations”, I discussed the basic framework to support a comprehensive safety observation program. What I wish to explore further is the strategy of the safety observation process that … Read More

Safety Observation Program

Safety Observation Program Defined

In a previous article, Purpose of Workplace Safety Inspections and Safety Observations, it was discussed that safety observations play a critical role in an overall safety management system. Further, the primary objectives of a safety observation program, ideally, are to … Read More

Employee Engagement Utilizing the Safety Observation Program

Employee Engagement Utilizing the Safety Observation Program

Why have employees engage in safety? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research has shown that increased work-related engagement results in improved employee and customer satisfaction, safety, and overall performance and profits1. Each of the predominant … Read More

Workplace Safety

In Workplace Safety, How We React Matters

“Don’t shoot the messenger.” This idiom has been in our vernacular for centuries. The meaning of the phrase is simple – don’t blame or punish the bearer of bad news. While the news may elicit an unwanted emotional feeling, an … Read More