Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety – Keeping Your Workers Safe

Thousands of Americans are employed in laboratories where they perform work to find cures for diseases, better understand and control infectious agents and toxins, and improve our lives and health. As with all occupations, laboratory workers face risks that vary … Read More

Hazard Communication

How to Handle Hazard Communication and Avoid Hefty Fines

Statistics from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) reveal that standards for hazard communication are regularly not being met in United States workplaces, as it was one of the Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards in 2021. Companies from … Read More

Safety in Chemical Laboratories

3 Ways to Promote a Culture of Safety in Chemical Laboratories

Chemical laboratories are not only fertile grounds for uncovering cutting-edge research but an important space in the development of safety practices for lab workers. These “first touches” with safety rules and habits can affect how workers perform the role of … Read More

Chemical Hazards

Invisible Chemical Hazards at Work

Chemicals are used in industries to create many products and materials, but when they are handled improperly, they have an inherent potential to cause great harm. Chemical exposures affect the body in two ways, resulting in either a chronic health … Read More