The Purpose and Method of Bulletin Communications

bulletin communications

Cascading information in today’s workplace has become extremely convoluted. Aside from the various devices and platforms workers use to communicate with each other, administrators also need to reach all individuals within the widely distributed setting that is part of many workplaces. One way to deliver consistent and updated information (including EH&S updates) to all employees is to use bulletin communications. Company bulletins are a great example of this channel for communication. Understanding the different types of company bulletins and the assorted EH&S data that can be cascaded through this medium are important steps to begin utilizing this tool to communicate safety and health updates quickly and seamlessly to all stakeholders.

What EH&S Information Can Be Broadcasted with Bulletin Communications?

1.     Training updates

EH&S managers can use online bulletins to provide training updates for accident prevention, accident response, emergency preparedness, and the proper use of smart personal protective equipment (PPE). By facilitating the company’s training needs through greater alignment among stakeholders, online bulletins help create a safer work environment.

2.     New health and safety regulations

EH&S managers can use online bulletins to bring workers up to date on any changes or new requirements regarding government health and safety regulations. OSHA’s Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines, for example, were last updated in 2016. Communicating new health and safety policies from OSHA as soon as they become available is an important aspect of maintaining 100% compliance and program sustainability.

3.     Interdepartmental Communication

Administrators can use online bulletins to convey messages from senior leadership, human resources, and EH&S leadership to necessary recipients. This results in greater alignment and transparency throughout the organization.

Using Bulletin Delivery Software to Effectively Communicate with the Workforce

A bulletin communications module that is a fully integrated piece of a safety management software program will assist EH&S administrators to attain seamless and timely delivery of updates, announcements, and other time-sensitive information to either the entire or a specific group within the workforce. Such software allows administrators to develop and distribute important messages to be received by stakeholders in real-time. Key features of cutting-edge bulletin communication software include:

  • Selective distribution – for crafting and distributing communications to assigned recipients via specific channels.
  • Message tracking – for tracking and recording shared communications in a centralized, web-based repository.
  • Multimedia options – for sending updates using the most effective method, whether that is email, text, etc.
  • Content sorting – for organizing communications by type (e.g., best practices, lessons learned, crises response, etc.).
  • Two-way communication – for creating comments that enable employees to voice concerns and clear up any ambiguities, resulting in greater organizational compliance and transparency.
  • Export and attachment options – for exporting bulletins as individual PDFs or to be attached to other documents.
  • Data analytics – for accurately gauging the success of distributed bulletins in combination with other analytics tools.

Bulletin communications are a powerful tool for any company, from startups to larger corporations. When the process of communicating complex ideas is placed within an easy-to-use tool, the possibility for missteps is greatly reduced. Cutting down on the slog of administrative tasks (such as organizing and coordinating communications) empowers employees to do their jobs with enhanced focus. When employees have more opportunities to clarify what is being asked of them, companies are practically displaying support for worker wellness and operational transparency.

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