Safety For Success In 2018

The 11th most popular 2018 resolution is to find a better job, according to a 24/7 Wall Street’s survey. The correlation between the popularity of this resolution and the abysmally low 32% of American employees surveyed who claimed to be actively engaged at work is worth investigating. As the economy has been lifting out of the recession, companies as well as individual employees are adjusting priorities in the workplace. The average American worker is less than content to just have a job now; there is a reclaiming of pride in the workforce. Employees are placing more value on job satisfaction.

Employees who are more engaged will lead to a more productive and innovative workforce and reduce cost involved in turnover and new-employee training; so the question facing companies now, is how to increase employee satisfaction? OSHA has done their homework and claims to have found one way in which to invigorate employee satisfaction. Industry Expert Rick Foote states, “if employees feel that management cares about their safety and well-being this will help with morale and should turn into better production from employees.” So, involvement of management and employees in an established safety plan not only deepens understanding on all sides, but also will affect employee morale, saving companies from costs not only because of avoidable accidents, but also from unnecessary turnover.

When you have all your ducks in a row, they are more likely to get where they’re going.



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