Managing Forklift Assets via Cloud-Based Software

Managing Forklift Assets via Cloud-Based Software

Forklifts are one of the most utilized types of equipment across the globe. They play a critical role in many major industries including construction, shipping, warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing. Administrators within these industries are tasked with managing their forklift assets, not only from an equipment tracking perspective but also in terms of the many associated safety and compliance regulations and protocols. Fortunately, powerful software solutions now exist that can assist administrators in each of these areas, helping to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of their forklift asset management efforts.

Forklift Inventory Tracking

A robust, cloud-based asset management system enables administrators to track every forklift in real-time. Live data is available online and easily accessible via a web browser interface to any authorized user. Users with appropriate access permissions can quickly and securely view and update this data. Forklift asset data can be organized and sorted by location, department, manufacturer, model, etc.  Additionally, instant data exporting empowers users to address any asset inventory reporting needs that may arise.

Maintaining Comprehensive Forklift Asset Data

At its most basic level, asset management software maintains comprehensive data, configured exactly to the needs of the organization. The specifics of each forklift asset are captured in the most straightforward manner, within fully customizable data fields. These fields may entail the manufacturer, model, year made, and many other key specifications. An individual forklift profile listed on the software could even detail the full roster of users who work with each asset. In addition, administrators or supervisors can upload and store copies of user manuals that operators can access via the web while out in the field (we’ll discuss this ability further in the QR Coding section).

Forklift Inspection Integration

One major advantage of employing a fully integrated, cloud-based asset management system, such as that offered by SafetyStratus, is the ability to seamlessly communicate with the platform’s inspections module. Custom inspection checklists are easily assigned to forklift assets and set on an “as needed” recurring schedule. Operators purpose the inspection module for carrying out daily forklift safety checks.  The inspections module is complemented by a native mobile application (iOS and Android) which users/inspectors can use to perform their inspections. If users affixed a bar code to the forklift, that could also be scanned by the app to start an inspection. The inspection history of each asset is recorded on the asset’s profile page, to be viewed at any time.

QR Coding

Cloud-based asset management software also provides the option of QR coding to forklift management. A QR code can be placed on any forklift, which is then readable by any mobile device with a camera and network connection. Once scanned, the code essentially serves as a web link to a no-login page that provides instantaneous access to that forklift’s data, such as asset details, specifications of the forklift, and up-to-date inspection information. Any asset’s page can also include a link that allows users to directly view or download important documents such as user manuals, Lockout/Tagout procedures, etc.

The benefits of cloud-based asset management software are plain to see, simplifying the safe management of forklifts in any industry. Having the capacity to easily gather custom forklift data and to put that critical information at the fingertips of your end-users in the field is both extremely valuable and incredibly effortless. Additionally, when this software is integrated and pairs with an inspections module, the resulting solution comprehensively provides for the overall management and safety assurance of any forklift asset inventory.


Joe comes to the SafetyStratus team with over 15 years of experience in the biological sciences and laboratory management and safety. At the University of Connecticut, and later at the University of the Sciences, Joe managed multiple high-volume biology teaching laboratories. He also worked as an Aquatic Biologist for the Philadelphia Water Department’s Office of Watersheds. Most recently Joe held the position of Laboratory Safety Manager in the University of the Sciences’ Environmental Health & Safety Department, overseeing all aspects of safety inspections and compliance in over 150 campus teaching and research spaces.

Originally from Connecticut, Joe has lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for the last 10 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Biology from the University of Maine at Fort Kent. In his free time, Joe enjoys working out, taking in a good football game or movie, and traveling with his wife to sunny Caribbean destinations whenever possible.

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