Let’s Not Lose Sight: It’s All About People.

LOS ANGELES, CA — When we think of being exceptional at our craft and how we strive to generate business success in every endeavor that we embark on, we ought to remind ourselves what is the driving force behind it all.

It’s all about people.

And as we realize that people are truly the objective, and they are also a source of energy for the work that we perform, we can understand that their success and satisfaction are always in our best interest.Too often, it is easy to focus on what benefits us and what gives us advantage over others, and not how our decisions affect the people that come to work for us. We can lose vision of what is important and how our success is based on the success of others.

Every person in our workplaces has the desire to succeed, to be appreciated, to go home proud of what they accomplished today, and to feel that their lives have purpose. Being a part of a great team where cohisiveness exists and where people are having fun, can give a person a great sense of value, for their work amounts to something and they are often told so in the form of words, recognition, or tangible rewards.

Truly, if the goal is business success, the path is people success.
Ask yourself each day, what can I do to help those around me become more successful? You will most certainly begin to find ways to be more of service to others and you will gain a lot more pride and pleasure from your own work. What used to be seen as tedious tasks will become fun ones, and what you used to avoid or procastinate on before, you will now confront gladly. All because of your renewed perception.

We become what we think about. We become our “why”? — Why are you here today? Why do you work so efficiently and so focused on succeeding at every task? Why do you dedicate your time for the sake of others? Why did you wake up this morning, to come to work?

When the why is not clear, the very act of waking up in the morning becomes something that you frown upon. You will not excitedly get ready and drive to work, if your why is not clear to you. And people will sense from you that your motivation is not to succeed as a team. You may become that person who everyone knows is only aiming to position themselves for their own advantage in the workplace. And trust me, everyone always knows who those people are.

So, make it a point to remember your personal why, and the why of it all at work, and you’ll soon realize, it is all about people, all about succeeding together, working in teams, having fun, and truly looking forward to seeing each other at work, every day.

As we come to the end of this year, let’s make the new year even more successful, with a renewed approach to life and work in our minds and hearts.

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