Go Buffs!

SafetyStratus recently sponsored Broomfield local co-ed adult volleyball team, the Bumpin’ Buffs. SafetyStratus President Curtis Baker (not pictured) is a member of the team. If you are in the Broomfield area you can catch one of their upcoming games, or better yet, round up some friends and coworkers and create a team for one of the city’s many recreational leagues. No matter the time of year, city recreational centers around the country provide channels to motivate community interaction and movement. The importance of encouraging exercise and the mental break from day-to-day working grind cannot be understated. Research across the board shows that a sedentary lifestyle will significantly lead to mental and physical strain. Finding an activity to enjoy that gets your body moving is one of the best things you can do for your safety and well being. SafetyStratus is proud to be part of the local effort to invigorate individuals. Good luck getting out there, and Go Buffs!

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