Advantages of Digitizing Chemical Inventory

Chemical Inventory

Production and usage of chemicals have been increasing rapidly from small scale laboratories to large scale industries. The complete details of the availability or use of all the chemicals in any facility fall under a chemical inventory program. The safe and efficient management of these chemical inventories is essential.

According to EHS regulations, an annual chemical inventory report should be sent to the EHS office from every laboratory or other university. Maintaining the chemical inventories in an old-fashioned way is complicated, and it requires a considerable amount of time.  Digitizing inventory is an advantage in this globally competitive world, and minimizes time, improves accuracy and efficiency in the supply chain.

Digitization is the method of converting physical format to digital format. Software programs are the core of this digitization. Here are a few benefits to the digital transformation of chemical inventory.

  1. Increase efficiency: Digitization has the benefit of reducing errors and the time needed to manage the process.
  2. Tracking updates: Automated monitoring of changes to chemical safety data sheets, accompanied with notifications.
  3. Improves accuracy: Provides detailed information while minimizing errors.
  4. SDS management: Electronically attach inventory to digital safety data sheets.
  5. Data Storage: Capable of storing vast amounts of data that can include entire company inventory lists, yet filter to show inventory for specific locations.
  6. Track hazardous materials: Can easily track the key hazardous materials that are added or exceed the allowed thresholds.
  7. Live Inventory Monitor: Data is always live/real-time/up-to-the-minute.Ability toview live inventory at anytime and anywhere.
  8. Data based on specifications: Inventory reports can be run on live data, often on specific filters such as location, department, user, building, hazard type, etc.
  9. Easy identification: Allows for easy creation of informative labels including barcoding, QR codes, and secondary container stickers.
  10. Easy transfer: Useful for transfers and management of inventory from primary and secondary containers.

In today’s market, the demand for chemicals is growing continuously. Managing chemical inventory is a key component in any organization in order to stay competitive and safe. Adopting the latest technologies for digitizing chemical inventory helps in the growth of the organization economically and globally.


Satya | SafetyStratus
Satya | Chemical Engineer

Satya is the resident Chemical Engineer here at SafetyStratus. She is focused on supporting and improving the Chemical Inventory and related products and services for the SafetyStratus platform. She has recently completed her master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. While relatively new to the business world, she has conducted cutting edge research, participated in several notable projects, and worked at a refinery, a steel processing plant, and, most notably, for the Center of Atomic Research. She is eager to use her skills and talents to share knowledge with the broader EHS community.

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