5 Reasons to Stay “On It”

Even if you are not a diehard fan of it, chances are you have heard of the show, The Office. In the show, Toby Flenderson, the resident H.R. rep, is an openly despised presence in the office, the killer of fun and general “wet blanket.” Why do memes get sent out of Michael (the boss) screaming “no!” when he realizes Toby is in the room? Why does this character exist, and his supposed misery is appreciated?

Very often, the response to litigation and enforcement is eye rolling and a strong urge to mock. It can be very easy to question why standards are in place, why policies have to be a certain way. Whether your industry is white collar or blue collar, safety is continually a factor. Here is a quick reminder of 5 reasons to stay “on it” when it comes to policies of health and safety.

1.Tax Breaks

Positive reinforcement is the most basic reward system to reinforce and teach good behavior. When you are a part of a company, understanding that any good you do means more money for the company is a great positive reinforcement tool. It is common knowledge that the more safe you can prove your organization to be, the less money you will have to put into necessary insurance policies.

2. Awards

While OSHA compliance and awards for safety may be mostly voluntary and have no monetary reward associated with them, they will definitely earn your company some good press. Good press for your company can mean benefits for the organization, as well as the individual.

3. Mistakes Happen

When it comes to safety, not all publicity is good publicity. Even with all the right equipment, and the right people for the job, mistakes happen. Like the recall of almost 40 million fire extinguishers last year. Staying “on it” when incidents outside of your organization’s control occur, means only minor setbacks, as opposed to major accidents. The news of the recall went out, and the companies which had invested in the recalled products merely had to request replacements fire extinguishers, instead of trying to quell the flames of a tragedy.

4. Government Shutdown

During the Government shutdown that took place last month, government agencies that protect and monitor safety standards were reduced to a skeletal staff that were mandated to only respond to immediate emergencies, leaving many corporations with the impression that “they can take a vacation from safety.” However, the government shutdown was concluded in a matter of days, and there are still provisions in place to ensure workplace safety, despite the lack of immediate response to potential hazards. OSHA, for one, has several requirements in place entailing employers’ electronic tracking of incidents. Even with talk of another government shutdown, safety is not ever put on hold.

5. Employee Approval

Unless you are a professional stuntman, chances are you do not list the possibility of danger among desirable traits in the workplace. So when you are in an industry that entails potentially dangerous situations, no one wants to hear from their employer that danger is “just part of the job.” Having appropriate and sometimes extensive safety measures in place is an attractive quality to potential employees seeking work in a given organization.

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